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A bridge between our community, our artisans and our global family. Handmade textiles from our weaver families in Ausangate, Chinchero, Q’ero, Lake Titicaca and other regions


We hope to touch the hearts of our Global community with our art and handcrafts in order to help reactivate the economy of our weaving families in Chinchero and the surrounding region.

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Mesa Cloths

The weavers of the Pacchanta - Ausangate and Chinchero textiles are known, both nationally and internationally, the complex technique known as Ticlla or discontinuous warp and weft.

Mesa Cloths


In Chinchero, traditionally weavers use the warp, or double-sided technique. Weavers from Chinchero weave traditional textiles such as llikllas (blankets), Ponchos, Shawls, Shawls, chullos, girdles, etc.


Noqan Kani

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I received the beautiful mesa cloth and poncho. I am extremely happy since they feel so good and powerful. THANK YOU for this beautiful work !

Carina B.

Thank you for this beautiful cloth! 

Michele T.

My Magical new Mesa Cloth I received the day before my Birthday, Beautiful! Many thanks!

Bill A.